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Welcome to my blog.. The a mini book of stories.. For now I got like 3 sets of stories to tell. My first love: BtB is on real estate terminologies, Next I tried PropPalette on colorful case studies and the ever running last one a news watch commentary NewsBhel.


India's trending news decoded, roasted with facts and served with a dash of wit and sarcasm. Just the right snack for your tiring workweeks.

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Matchbox Apartments in Bengaluru: Where Dreams Shrink!
Market Redar - Tomato Price Hike


Dive into various colorful concepts and terms related to real estate, economy, and finance. We'll begin each post by delving into the definition and etymology of an expression, setting the stage for a captivating journey. But wait, there's more! 🌟 I'll also weave in a fascinating case study to bring these concepts to life and make them relatable.

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Brick to Brick

Here I turn real estate concepts into captivating stories. Through my unique approach, I transform complex ideas into relatable and engaging narratives that anyone can enjoy.

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