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Budget strokes & Soft Costs

Let’s talk of Soft Costs, the indirect or intangible costs in construction industry.

Ah, soft costs, the mysterious expenses that can sneak up on you during a project like an unexpected drop of paint on a canvas. Let's imagine for a moment that a project is a painting and the builders are artists.

So you've got your canvas (project) all set up and your team of artists (builders) are ready to start creating their masterpiece. But wait, what's this? Soft costs start creeping in like a mischievous little gremlin, adding extra colors, brushes, and tools that weren't part of the original plan. It's like the artists keep finding new shades of paint hidden in the corners of their palettes and suddenly they need more canvases to keep the creative flow going.

But don't worry, these soft costs are just the little quirks and flourishes that make each project unique. Think of them like the splatters of paint that add character to a Jackson Pollock or the subtle shading that gives a Van Gogh its depth. Sure, they might not be part of the original sketch, but they're what make the final product truly special.

So embrace the soft costs, my friend. Let your artists be free to create their masterpiece and don't sweat the little things. After all, a truly great painting is more than just the sum of its parts.


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