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Sub-Dollar Markets

Do you know what a sub-dollar market and a Dollar Tree store have in common? they both offer products at a low price point.

Here's a cute conversation between a kid and a grandpa that highlights this similarity:

Kid: Grandpa, what's a sub-dollar market?

Grandpa: It's a market where you can buy things for less than a dollar, kiddo.

Kid: Oh, like the Dollar Tree store!

Grandpa: Exactly! The Dollar Tree store is a perfect example of a sub-dollar market.

Kid: Why do they call it the Dollar Tree then?

Grandpa: Well, it used to be that everything in the store cost a dollar or less.

Grandpa: Yes, it's very similar. At the Dollar Tree, everything costs a dollar or less.

Kid: So, why don't they just call it the Sub-Dollar Tree store?

Grandpa: (laughs) That's a good point, kiddo! Maybe they should! But now, some things cost more than a dollar.

Kid: That's not fair! They should change the name to the "Dollar and Up Tree".

Grandpa: (laughs) I think they might lose some customers if they did that. But you're right, it's not exactly a dollar store anymore.

Kid: Maybe they should change the name to the "Almost-a-Dollar Tree".

Grandpa: (laughs) That's a good one, kiddo! I'll have to suggest that to the World Bank.

Kid: (smiling) Ok..I think I'll stick with the sub-dollar market and Dollar Tree store for now, Grandpa. My piggy bank will thank me!

Grandpa: (laughs) Good thinking, kiddo!


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