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Yesterday, while under the intense pressure of tweaking a report with my manager, my brain decided to take a detour and pondered, "How did people react when the first person called a banana a banana?" I couldn't help but pause and contemplate the absurdity of it. Apple seems logical, but banana? Did they go 'bananananaa' screaming around? (brain rolls around laughing). My focus wavered, and I succumbed to the temptation of a quick search. Etymology rescue: banana came from banan meant 'finger' in Arabic, as they were as tiny as adult fingers.

I exhaled, got back to report duty, and later sought refuge in the shower for a mental refresh. Lo and behold, the shower thoughts persisted. Could there be a tense version of 'finger' that might be mistaken for 'banana'? My fingers danced on the keyboard, and voila! Fun banana facts appeared:

1) Banana is more berry than strawberry and grows on an herb, despite being called a banana tree.

2) It's not a nut (random, but noted), and dogs can munch on bananas.

3) It's a cousin of ginger and turmeric (who knew?).

4) There's a variety called lady's finger bananas (fancy!).

5) Banana can even be a girl's name (whattt!). Though the website prefers 'Plum.'

So, what I experienced can be dubbed "Serendipity" - an uninvited guest that moonwalks in randomly and banters with your workflows. Those 2 am thoughts, the content you'd label as genius - they're all offspring of this whimsical lady.

Thanks for your time, guys. Wishing you a productive work week ahead!

Btw what about the person who called kela "kela" for the first time?


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