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Potluck for the Planet

So, imagine you're throwing a potluck party, and everyone is bringing their own dish to share. But instead of food, imagine that everyone is bringing a piece of land to contribute to the community land trust.

Just like at a potluck, everyone's contributions are different. Some people might bring a small piece of land, like a side dish, while others might bring a larger piece of land, like a main course. But when all these pieces of land are combined together in the community land trust, they create a bountiful feast of shared resources.

Now, just like how everyone at the potluck gets to enjoy the food that's been brought, everyone in the community can benefit from the land that's been contributed to the land trust. It's like a big communal garden, where everyone can plant and harvest their own crops, but they all work together to maintain the land and share the resources. They are basically Non-profit organizations that acquire and hold land for the benefit of the community, often used to promote affordable housing and community development.

And just like how a potluck brings people together, a community land trust can bring neighbors and community members together to work towards a common goal of sustainability and community development.

Image by pikisuperstar on Freepik


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