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GCC - Team spice markets

You're living in a bustling Indian neighborhood, and your neighbors are always coming over to borrow some sugar or salt. They know that you always have what they need, and they trust you to help them out.

Now imagine that you're a global capability center - you're like the ultimate neighbor who has all the resources and expertise that your "neighbors" around the world need. You might be located in India, but you have the skills and capabilities to help businesses all over the globe.

Just like how your neighbors trust you to lend them some sugar or salt, businesses around the world trust global capability centers to provide them with the services and expertise they need to succeed. Whether it's IT services, finance and accounting, or human resources, global capability centers have the resources and knowledge to help businesses operate more efficiently and effectively.

And just like how your neighbors might return the favor by bringing you a plate of homemade samosas or chutney, businesses can benefit from the cost savings and increased productivity that comes from partnering with a global capability center.

So there you have it - global capability centers explained using the analogy of an Indian neighborhood where everyone is always borrowing from and helping each other out.


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