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CerealQueer: Gayborhoods

Imagine a big box of cereal, where each type of cereal represents a different city. Now, sometimes when you pour yourself a bowl of cereal, you get a surprise gift inside - maybe a small toy or sticker. In this case, those surprise gifts are the LGBTQ members, who are spread out throughout the city.

But just like with the toys and stickers in the cereal, sometimes you really luck out and get a whole cluster of them in one spot. That's what we call a "gayborhood" - it's like finding a whole bunch of those surprise gifts all in one place! These neighborhoods are especially welcoming and inclusive of LGBTQ people, and often have a vibrant culture and community built around them.

So, just like how you might dig through your cereal to find the toy surprise, LGBTQ folks might search out these gayborhoods as a place where they can feel more at home and accepted. And just like how every box of cereal is a little different, each city's gayborhoods have their own unique flavor and personality!

Image created from Storyset @flaticon.

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Jun 17, 2023

Haha, just remember, no matter which gayborhood you end up in, it's all about embracing the diversity and enjoying the different flavors of life!

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