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Blockbusting & Ghosts

I often changed schools and made new friends (I did it six times) but there was always that one kid who would whisper, "Did you know our school was built on a graveyard? And there's a baby ghost living in the girls' bathroom on the fourth floor!" Some of the more imaginative kids even said that the ghost gives out chocolates if you're nice to it.

It's funny how this rumor seemed to be a universal constant across all the different regions and social classes we came from. We may divide ourselves into generations - Gen Z, millennials, and Gen X - but the legend of the ghostly graveyard lives on.

But as I grew up, I learned about a similar concept called "blockbusting," and let me tell you, it's no laughing matter. This is a sneaky technique that real estate agents use to scare people into selling their homes by making them think their neighborhood is going downhill fast. We used to joke about this stuff as kids, but blockbusting is a serious issue that can harm communities.

So let's not spread rumors that can harm people or make them feel scared. Instead, let's reminisce about the funny rumors we heard growing up! What was the wildest thing you heard about your school or neighborhood? (Whisper here in the comments)

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