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Short Escapes from Reality

I grew up reading stories and believe that these are perfect channels to connect people. They educate, discipline and shape the civilization. I, following the same footsteps, look forward to bring the stories to life, stories of me, of those around me, of those I hear from.

All the skillsets, tools and career paths I have chosen are part of this quest - telling stories.

Andddd... Welcome to my creative storytelling portfolio!

Time to tell a Story....

I am a passionate and curious BPlanner from the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi with experience in market insights, logistics, business development, and transport planning. 
Currently, I'm a Senior Research Executive at Colliers International, providing city market insights, standardizing databases, and forecasting detailed office and industrial trends.​

In addition to my professional experience, I have also been a Student Placement Coordinator and Hostel Management Coordinator during my time at the School of Planning and Architecture. 
I have published a paper titled "Spatio-Sectoral SWOC Analysis & Modified Land Utilisation Categories as Basis for an Integrated District Development Plan for Chittoor" in SPACE.​

Thank you for taking the time to check my profile. Don't forget to check out my daily learnings listed "Brick to Brick", which simplifies complex real estate concepts and terminologies for everyday use.

Career Journey


Senior Research Executive
Colliers International


Transport Planner
HBSS India


B Planner
School of Planning & Architecture, Delhi

As a research executive, I bring data to life through storytelling. My passion for turning analytics into inspiring narratives has allowed me to provide valuable insights that impact audiences on a profound level. Through my creative writing skills and market insights, I unlock new perspectives and opportunities for my clients, generating meaningful change and success. Combining data and storytelling, I provide a unique perspective that sets my clients apart in the competitive world of finance.

Starting as a transport planner, I quickly found myself making market reports and posting them on social media, before jumping into the exciting world of business development.

My Bachelor's degree in Planning was truly a life-changing experience. It took this studious science nerd and transformed me into a confident go-getter, yearning to make a real social impact. I found myself constantly inspired by the ever-evolving landscape of urban development, eager to take on new challenges and explore new ideas.

The best part of my degree was the mix-and-match curriculum, which allowed me to cross-interact with other smart young minds and delve into sensitive community studies. I loved the way theory and practical planning came together seamlessly, enabling me to truly immerse myself in the subject matter

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Image by George Bakos
Image by Sahil Pandita


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